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Posted on: March 3, 2017

Hoke County to Begin Comprehensive Accounting Review

Hoke County is taking immediate steps to strengthen its system of internal financial and accounting controls with the assistance of the accounting firm of Cherry Bekaert, LLP. Based on recent events, the County determined a review of these controls was necessary to help ensure that its financial house is in order.

The County Commissioners authorized this review at the same time it approved the County’s internal investigation into potential payroll irregularities on February 23. The payroll overtime investigation, supported by Cherry Bekaert, has made substantial progress. The County is in communication with the District Attorney and the SBI and hopes to exchange information in the coming days to assist with the respective investigations and ensure that each of the inquiries can be concluded expeditiously.

Hoke County has been responding to internal control challenges, extending beyond this payroll question, that increase the risk of accounting errors. Over the past several years, the State of North Carolina, through the Local Government Commission (LGC), has asked the County to address internal control issues, some of which the LGC identified as serious. The County has made progress in addressing the LGC’s concerns. It promptly alerted the LGC regarding the payroll overtime investigation and has notified the LGC that Cherry Bekaert will provide assistance in strengthening its system of controls, including controls over payroll.

Though progress has been made on these internal control challenges, the County knows that more needs to be done to ensure it can maintain taxpayers’ trust. This action taken by the County extends beyond the scope of the ongoing payroll investigation. The County will ensure that this review is conducted in a fiscally responsible manner.

At the conclusion of this review, a comprehensive report of findings, along with an action plan to correct the issues, will be delivered to the County and its stakeholders. The County will regularly share updates on its progress.

By acting swiftly to secure the assistance of recognized experts to launch its payroll investigation and initiating a review of its system of internal controls, the County is meeting taxpayers’ expectations for good governance.

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