HOKE COUNTY HAS A PERMANENT LISTING SYSTEM FOR REAL PROPERTY. If you own only Real Property and registered Motor Vehicles you do not have to list your property in January. Your Real Property Value will be carried forward by the Tax Office. You only have to provide the Tax Office with information regarding any changes to your real property.  For more information see the Official Notice.

We have begun work on the 2022 revaluation of property.  There are appraisers in the County reviewing the property tax records and taking current pictures.  Their vehicles are clearly marked with signs that say Hoke County 2022 Revaluation.  Each appraiser has a Hoke County identification badge. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Hoke County Tax Assessors office at 910-875-8751.

The Hoke County Tax Office is comprised of two departments, both located at 227 N. Main Street in Raeford, NC.

Tax Assessor

The Tax Assessor's Office is responsible for listing, appraising, and assessing all property subject to ad valorem taxation. There are approximately 25,000 parcels of land, 700 businesses, and 40,000 motor vehicles in Hoke County.

Tax information for specific property is available online.

Tax Collections

The Collections Department is responsible for the collection of taxes on Personal Property, Real Estate, and delinquent Motor Vehicles. The department also assist in answering tax and billing related questions for the residents of Hoke County.

You can pay your taxes online.